Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Heart Cyber Monday!

I sold a pair of mitts and a pair of socks recently, so I had some money burning a hole in my wallet. Thankfully KnitPicks does a pretty good job of celebrating Cyber Monday.

A wonderful box from KnitPicks arrived in our home this week and it is as every bit as lovely as I’d hoped for. Here is what the box contained.

The four balls on the left are Palette, my favourite KnitPicks mitten yarn in White, Lantana, Oregon CoastHeather and Oyster Heather. I’m not sure where and when I’ll use these, but I just picked a few random colours that were on sale.

The two skeins on the front left are Gloss that I bought as possible lining yarn for a future pair of mittens. The Bordeaux colour may actually work well with the colours of Palette above.

On the right are four skeins of Shadow in Garnet Heather that are destined to be used for the Oregon Coast Cardigan and my first foray into lace knitting. (lace knitting sounds scary!)

And finally the skein at the back is some hand painted Stroll in Make Believe that is planned to be used to tie the quilt I’m making. It has some nice green and purple spots that will work well. There are some blue-green spots that I’m not too sure of, but I can always cut those out. Here’s a picture of that skein against the quilt block back drop.

So that should be enough to keep me busy for a bit!

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