Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to Beading - First Necklaces of 2013

This week has been busy, but I’ve fit in a bit of time to do what pleases me. I finished one mitten, but the idea of knitting another and lining both, by my false deadline of the end of January, is daunting.

I have the desire to wear something with colour to work tomorrow, so I decided to go for something with purple in it. This, of course, led me to thoughts of my beads and the fact that I had some purple beads looking to be made into a finished product.

I had two sets of purple beads that were intended for one project. When I looked closer I saw that one type needed to be put on string or wire, and the other needed jump rings. I couldn’t figure out how to bring the two together, so I decided to make two necklaces. I made them so they could be worn together, or on their own.

The jury is still out on these. I can’t decide if I like them enough to wear them.


  1. Wear Em!! They look great! The top you choose to wear them with will add even more to their over all presentation. The purple color was a great choice. It's warm and inviting as well as jazzy. That makes it perfect for winter!!


  2. So???? Did you wear them? :-)


  3. Hi Dawn! Well, I wore the longer necklace once, but I haven't embraced the shorter one yet. I think that one may get a makeover. :) (and then I'll have some future blog fodder!)