Sunday, January 27, 2013

QR Code Mittens

I’m in a blog rut today. It has been a week since I posted, so I want to give you something new, but I got nuthin’. 

I did finish the mittens a posted about a couple of weeks ago, but just the mitten shell, not the lining. I want to wait until they are completely finished, before I post about them. Other than working late, and working on those mittens, I haven’t done much. I did do some baking (and trading) yesterday, but we ate most of it before any pictures were taken.

So, I’ve decided to look back and post a picture of some mitts I knit back in November as a Christmas gift. I have a friend who appreciates things that are a bit on the nerdy side, so I decided to knit her some custom QR Code mittens.

I drafted a custom design that includes four QR codes – her first and last names, and two words that describe her. They were fun to knit and hopefully not too nerdy for her to wear out in public.


  1. Very clever. I can see her misplacing a mitten and some other "nerdlet" scanning it with a phone to find the owner. Then they would meet, exchange the mitten and their phone numbers, talk late into the night about nerd like things, fall in love, get married and make more little nerds. See what you started!

    Of course being nerds, which means being clever, they would realize that there "was an App for that" and develop 'Nerd Match dot com'. They'd make MILLIONS hooking up all the lonely nerds with their perfect matches!

    So one little clever QRS mitten code started all of this. I hope they gift you with stock in "Nerd Match Dot Com" to thank you for changing the world!!

  2. That's what I was thinking all along.