Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cici Snow Photo Shoot Failure

It is a gorgeous day outside, today in Toronto. Yesterday we had the "worst storm in 5 years"! All they can do on the news is talk about the horrid snow fall, and all the trauma the city went through. As usual, Torontonians are over-reacting to a little bit of white stuff. There is all of 20 cm out there, which is alot for one dumping, but not so bad compared to some of the damage being done by Nemo on the East Coast.

I decided to take advantage of the snow to get some nice winter shots of Cici. Unfortunately, Cici is too much of a princess to stand in the snow, so the photo shoot was a failure. I'll share the photos with you anyway.

I started by tricking Cici to run into the untrampled snow, by throwing a snow ball to fetch. When she realized what was happening, she immediately ran back out of the snow. All I got was a blurry dog photo.

Then she stood on the clear sidewalk and glared at me.

So, I dragged her back into the deeper snow, and she immediately ran away from me.

Here she stands near the sidewalk wondering why I am still standing in the deep snow.

My next trick was to move to a different part of the yard, with slightly whiter snow and better lighting. I dragged her into the snow and tried to get her to stay. She reluctantly stayed for about 3 seconds.

Here she is giving up on me and starting to run away.

Only time she stood still for a photo was after she ran halfway up to the door, and looked back to see if I was still standing like a lunatic in the snow.

So much for getting some winter photos of her.


  1. Looks like the dog has more sense than the own... never mind. I really need to have this conversation with Cici. Have her skype me when she gets a chance. We need to catch up on all the dirty details from the latest episode of the "People Whisperer"

  2. Her nails are a bit too long to effectively use the keyboard right now. Maybe I'll give them a trim later - it will make today a triple dose of torture, since she's already had to deal with the snow and a bath!

  3. Over here we call that a doggy spa day! Don't forget to make her a fruity drink and some warm horderves otherwise you won't get a good tip!