Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lobster Fest! (a hot night for Larry)

We bought Jacob 3 new pets today. We named them Larry, Larry and Larry just in case they were offended if we couldn’t tell them apart.
Cici reluctantly met the lobsters, but mostly she just cowered in the corner.
She was wise to keep her keep her distance as it wasn’t long until Larry, Larry and Larry got into things, and soon a lobster knife fight broke out.
In the end, things didn’t go so well for the lobsters. What they thought was a hot tub turned out to be a bit more than they bargained for.


  1. OMG A lobster knife fight! Now I know you have totally lost it and being apartment bound this winter is taking a terrible toll. I'm phoning PET-L and turning you in for being a bad influence on crustaceans! Shame, shame, shame! PS Pass the butter!

  2. The knife fight was all my son's idea. Clearly I'm raising him well.

    Disclaimer: For the record, no lobsters were harmed in the making of the knife fight scene. (It was the hot tub that did them in.)