Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the Quilt Gets Tied

I’ve had some extra time on my hand this week, which I’ve used to tie the quilt. It isn’t difficult to tie a quilt, but it does take up some space in my “sewing room/office/everything else room” so I didn’t want to start this phase until I was sure I could finish it. In about an hour, the quilt should be all tied up.

I have a fantastic Q-Snap quiltingframe that my mother-in-law bought me years ago. It is the perfect solution for a quilting frame in a small space.

I’ve decided to tie the quilt with some wool, because I think the wool fibres should grab each other and felt up so the ties will not easily slip out. (And because I love wool!)  I found a wonderful skein that comes in the perfect mix of greens and purples.

And one final photo… While Cici was greatly afraid when the quilt frame made its debut, she is highly in favour of snuggling up with the work in progress.

Next up, sewing on some binding strips.


  1. From now on Cici has to be in every blog post. I love the action shots of her helping you quilt. She makes it look so easy that she can do it with her eyes closed! What a talented girl!!

  2. I'll just change the name of the blog to "Cici Makes Things"

    1. I don't know if I would go that far, the server would crash from all the activity and blogspot would kick you off!

    2. Ooohhhhh - Ad Revenue!!!