Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sea Glass Inspired Necklace

This weekend I found myself floating around, unable to get focused on any one thing for long, but I did manage to stop by my beading table enough times to finish a necklace.

The necklace is made with beads from the Michaels store we visited a few weeks back. I love the green and turquoise colours, and the shiny small and medium beads, combined with the larger matte beads. All combined, they make me think of sea glass. (I love sea glass and if I lived by the ocean I would spend much time looking for some.)

I struggle with how to best display beaded creations for a photo, so here is a less interesting photo composition, but one that shows the beads off nicely.

As Cici followed me around, playing the role of assistant to my photo session, I thought I’d see if she would make a good model for my beaded creation.

Leftover Blanket Update

I’ve managed to make some progress on the Leftover Blanket. As I captured it for the blog, Cici continued with her assistant responsibilities and chose to add her thoughts and paws to the picture.

Next up, it is time to get started on some socks or mittens as my project for August. I’m going to have to get some focus on a new project soon, if I’m going to be able to finish it by the end of August.


  1. FYI, You can use bacon to decorate any of your craft projects when you have to take a picture. Bacon will make anything look better... anything.
    ~Just thought you should know....

    PS. Like the necklace. Good luck borrowing it from Cici...

  2. I respect any photo composition tips from you. I'll keep that one in mind.