Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer's Almost Over

Not that I’m wishing the summer away, but I can’t help but notice things have taken a turn lately and we are heading into the end of the season. It should feel like we still have half our summer ahead of us, but the signs of Fall are all around.

We did some shopping for back to school clothes this weekend. While out and about I notice that the grocery store is selling Halloween items, the book store is selling 2013 calendars, and Hallmark has Christmas ornaments on display. So that’s it folks, summer is almost over.

Fortunately, I’m prepared. I recently finished this pair of mittens.

They are made from KnitPicks Palette yarn, using a pattern of my own design.


  1. Very nice! How many pairs do you wear at one time to keep the cold out during those Canadian winters?

  2. It depends on the activity. When just going for a stroll and the activity is minimal, then you may need to layer 2-3 pairs. If you are building an igloo, then you are likely working hard enough that 1 pair should do. I'll leave it to your imagination to decide how many pairs are suitable if you don't have indoor plumbing.