Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ferntastic Ceramics

Last week we spent a week at one of our favourite places on earth, Fern Resort. I’d say it is THE favourite place, but that would make my Disney buds gasp, and that would make me realize that I do have at least two favourite places on earth.) Fern is wonderful and a great place to relax or keep busy. They have an incredible activity schedule with something to do at every turn.

On Tuesday morning, Creative Café came in and let us paint some ceramics. It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours and in the end I had a plate to take home.

I decided to make a plate suitable for serving Christmas food. The first step was to select a nicely shaped plate.

Then we got down to work and did some painting. This was a great time to chat with the other painters and learn a thing or two about the Fern regulars. I learned the following:

·         “The sisters” aren’t sisters, and the one that came to ceramics is a very talented artist

·         “The friendly woman whose husband uses a walker” is very nice and has a very nice daughter

·         I am known as “the woman with the husband who reads”

This is my plate after painting.

This is my plate after clear glazing and firing.

I love my plate and it is a great memory of another Ferntastic summer vacation.

P.S.  I did plan to provide my blog readers with a full blown trip report, but then we arrived at Fern and I realized I just wanted to kick back and relax, and had no interest in making trip notes and taking a thorough set of pictures.

If you want to know what Fern is like, maybe I’ll do a post or two with random thoughts from Fern that will give you a glimpse into this little slice of fun-filled paradise.


  1. Your plate turned out awesome! I was in the same class with the yellow family plate across from you. Still showing it off. Will definitely do this again.

  2. Hi Annette,

    Thanks for the compliment. I liked your plate too. Good idea to make a family plate.

    Until next year...