Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Blogiversary!

1 year ago today I began this blog!
I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stick through it long-term, but I’m glad I did. It has been interesting learning new things along the way. I like how it keeps me motivated to do the things I love. I also like seeing who is following my blog, where they are from, and what seems to interest them most.
Here are some notes of interest as a result of blogging for the past year:
  • This is my 165th post.
  • So far, my modest following has resulted in more than 6,400 page views.
  • Most of my readers coming from Canada, with the U.S.A . and Russia being next in line.
  • This week I’ve also had visitors from the U.K., Latvia, Germany, South Korea and the Ukraine.
  • People seem to find me most often via Ravelry, Facebook, Google and the DisBoards.
  • My most favourite phrase that people have searched on to find my site is “how to dye a dog with kool aid” (seriously, that phrase has been used 4 different times to find my site)
  • My most visited post is the Beaded Ornament post, which started the wreath making frenzy of last year.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog to read my ramblings. Your site visits make me happy and your comments amuse me.  I hope to continue working on this blog for at least one more year, so please keep stopping by. Feel free to leave comments and send me feedback whenever something comes to mind.


  1. Thees iz Vice Comandant Agnea speeking to yu from da republic of Latvia. Forgave my englesh it iz nut gud. I mabe late to da party but I tink yor Bleg is very gud. Wit de eggception of the Latvian mitten debacle all of yor musings are entertaining. Kep going and i luk forward to your latest adventures.

  2. Thank you Agnea. Always nice to have someone from Latvia following along.

  3. Damn those internet hackers! It looks like my account has been compromised AGAIN! It's a 'gud' thing your blog has those security captions to keep the really heavy hitters out!

  4. I'm comfortable with my current level of security, but I do hear there is an active Jersey ring that I may have to guard against in the future.