Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Stuffing

I’m in the midst of preparing our Thanksgiving dinner. There are just four of us at our meal, so we are keeping it relatively simple – turkey, mashed potatoes (loaded with butter and sour cream), broccoli, dinner rolls, gravy and most importantly, stuffing.
I get lazy, where possible without sacrificing taste, so the gravy, dinner rolls and pie are bought from Summerhill Market, the grocery store to the rich and pampered, just up the street from us. (For my grammar freak friends, that sentence works no matter how you punctuate or read it, as the grocery store, as well as the rich and pampered are both located up the street from us.) The lazy version of turkey is to go to St. Lawrence Market and buy a prepared boneless turkey breast to roast without any bones to clean up.
The one place where I don’t get lazy is the stuffing. I love stuffing and will dedicate 50% of my thanksgiving dinner prep to the stuffing. This year’s version includes bread, celery, onion, butter, turkey broth and chorizo sausage (also from St. Lawrence Market.) As usual, I’ve made way too much, so I’ll be eating stuffing every day for the next week.
Here is my stuffing, prepped and ready to go in the oven.


  1. That does NOT look like too much! Are the people you are inviting all with out teeth? Perhaps they are very tiny and don't eat a lot of food.

    I like stuffing so I'll be over to help you 'dispose' of the left overs!

  2. If you want leftovers, come over anytime tomorrow. There should be enough stuffing, since the turkey breast in the oven is also stuffed :)