Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confessions of a Disney Addict

There are three sides to my personality. There is work Janet who tries to be professional in the corporate world; at home Janet who enjoys staying at home, being with friends and making things; and there is Disney Janet – the part that is obsessed with going on Disney vacations. I try to keep Disney Janet separate from the rest of my life, but in this case I will make an exception and show my blog readers the Disney side of my personality.

Over the years I have been to Walt Disney World six times. I love going to Disney because they have the best customer service. They make going on vacation as easy as possible and I find it is a great place to escape to.

As I plan my Disney vacations the most valuable resource I have found is the DisBoards. This is an online community where you can find answers to any Disney question you could dream up.

The people on the DisBoards know everything and I know we have saved thousands of dollars by following their advice. We have learned the best places to stay, the best prices to pay, and the best tips and tricks to maximize our fun and enjoyment. As a way of saying thanks to the DisBoards, and pay some good forward, I will be writing a trip report to share my experiences, tips and tricks with others on the boards.

If you wish to read my trip report you can follow along at Fair warning, I will be writing the report using DisBoard speak. There will be acronyms and other inside jokes that will be amusing to those that frequent the DisBoards, but will make me seem like a lunatic to those of you who don’t.

Unfortunately, writing a trip report can take a lot of time so there may be fewer or shorter posts on this blog while my trip report continues, but I will try to manage both and continue to give you updates to keep your interest here in the meantime.

Here is a picture of my waiting for our 2010 Disney trip to begin.

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