Friday, March 30, 2012

Ambling Home on a Friday

I love Fridays. Everyone is happier at work, and the day ends with so much potential ahead. Today I left work a bit earlier and as a reward I was able to get a seat on the subway - Score!

One of the big news stories of the day is that our government (in Canada for my international readers) has decided to do away with the penny. I have mixed feelings about this. The corporate side of me is concerned about the complications that retail businesses will need to work through to adjust their POS systems. The consumer side of me wonders about the whole rounding off thing, but largely doesn’t care. Lastly, the crafter side of me stumbled upon a news article that was considerate enough to add a segment of penny crafts to their article.

The article featured ombre penny art as seen on the My Covered Bridge blog. We need some art for our fresh new bathroom and I thought this would be a perfect project for that space. My husband thinks we can do better, so this idea is not moving forward at this time.

As I was making my way home today I decided to do some window shopping (since I was early.) Even though the penny art isn’t happening (for now), I thought I’d go check out Mary Maxim and see if they had any frames. I don’t know if they have frames because I became distracted by the yarn. In particular, I became distracted by the clearance corner. I don’t usually get sucked into this corner of the store, but there are great clearance items right now. They have a bunch of nice linen and some Noro Yuzen up for grabs.  

However, I was taken in by these two lonely balls of sock yarn.

My Leftover Blanket was intended as a means to use up my leftover yarn, but I find myself unable to stop looking around for new yarn to add to the blanket. As mentioned previously, I have some yarn making its way to me from California, I've also raided Meredith's stash and now these two balls of yarn will join the collection. I justify this by stating I need other yarn to bring more colour to my blanket. If many knitters were to use only their leftover yarns for their blanket, they would have a limited colour palette. Meredith’s blanket would be mostly greens, rusts and browns, where my blanket would be heavy on the beiges, pinks and purple tones.

I first reached for the blue ball of yarn thinking it would add a needed colour to my blanket, but I couldn’t leave the pink yarn. So, I put the blue yarn back and picked up the pink yarn, but I couldn’t leave the blue yarn. Then I decided at $2.97/ball I could have both. (That’ll be $3.00 a ball in the future!)

In other news… I found out a friend of mine has a new blog. She’s a far better writer than I am so I’m looking forward to reading about her thoughts and adventures. You can find her musings at Just Because.... Enjoy!

Finally, here is my blanket progress update. I've added a bigger, red square, just for fun.

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  1. Hi Janet - Thanks for the mention! I've now got a link to your blog on my site.