Monday, April 2, 2012

See… I Can Stop Knitting Little Squares

As a new month began yesterday, I decided it is time to knit something other than little squares (although I already miss them!). As I contemplated what to knit next, I looked back at my January 17 post – Which Colours Would You Choose? and went with Katie’s suggestion.

I will be using KnitPick’s Palette yarn in the Fairy Tale and Ash Colours to knit a pair of mittens.

I’ve made a deal with myself. I will knit one other project each month. When that project is done, I can go back to knitting little squares for the rest of the month. That will be my motivation to get these mittens done.

Before I turned my back on the Leftover Blanket I took some pictures. Here is the progress to date.

So far, these four blocks are my most favourite part of the blanket.

And these four blocks make up my least favourite part of the blanket.

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