Monday, June 4, 2012


A friend of mine recently suggested that I should come up with a craft idea for used staples. My mind being what it is, I brushed her off with some sarcastic remark and then couldn’t put the idea to rest without further consideration.

Off to the wonderful wondrous web I went and the best I could come up with is the following:
  • Put some in a sealed container then shake to make a rudimentary percussion instrument.
  • If you can straighten them out well enough, you could try reusing them in the stapler (try a few at a time).
  • Put them on a magnet base and use ‘em to make cool little sculptures.
  • Make a small plaster cast of what ever you want, melt a load of staples with a blow torch into it (Don’t breath the fumes). Pristo presto you have a steel ornament. (the internet skeptics don’t feel this is a realistic idea and the staples will only melt properly if made of steel)
  • The staples can be used to make a house number on a polymer clay tablet. Make sure you use dark color clay so the staples will be visible. Squeeze each staple into clay to form numbers, or letters, burn the tablet by instructions, cover with polish. Now hang it, or use as decorative item.
  • Bang them around a strip of fabric, rubber or leather, glue fabric on the inside. You have a unique bracelet.
  • Decorate candles with them. Push staples into the candle to make a pattern or initial.
  • Form tiny letters out of them for homemade cards or scrap booking.

I think I will take a pass on the staple art idea, since you don’t always know where those staples have been. (And specifically in this case because I do know where those staples have been!)

If I have to pick from the list above, I’m thinking some staple events are worth remembering so I'm going with homemade cards or scrap booking (even though scrap booking is a stupid word that should never have become a verb.)

Get well soon my friend!


  1. Lol!!! Thanks for the, um.... 'great' ideas. With the amount of staples I have to work with I was thinking that I could make chain mail suits of armor for a tribe of warrior gerbals.

    Putting our heads together and coming up with all these ideas just shows that one of us is on some really strong pain killers and the other one has been sniffing a bit to many fumes from the glue gun. In any case I love ya and thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to see what we can come up with next.... Dental floss anyone?