Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft Wars

Last night, I couldn’t resist watching, yet another (sigh), reality TV show. I just had to see Craft Wars, hosted by Tori Spelling.

Just because I make things, doesn’t mean I’m a fan of all crafting. I don’t like hoarding things I don’t need, so I don’t often find myself making things out of odds and ends around the house. I like the art of certain crafts, but that doesn’t mean all crafts get a free pass with me. That said, I love Tori Spelling. I don’t know why. It could be that I’m fascinated by her father, or maybe it is because I loved the original 90210, or possibly I respect her seemingly endless enthusiasm for everything she comes near. Whatever the reason, I love her and I love the idea of her being connected to crafts. I check out her blog, ediTORIal, from time to time and it has some fun craft ideas. (And her kids are pretty cute too.)

I’ve resisted watching Craft Wars, because I knew it was going to be just like every other reality competition show with unrealistic challenges, followed by catty remarks from the judges. In that regard, it was exactly as expected.

I quickly grew tired of watching the contestants make duffle bags out of assorted sports gear. The three competitors came up with some seriously ugly bags.

·         The first was held together with aglue gun instead of stitching. The poor woman lost because she didn’t have time in one hour to sew a cloth bag onto a tennis racket base. Who would.

·         The second was just a big hot mess, described as “fashion forward”. I don’t think so.

·         The third was a hideous “retro” bag. Yuck

The bags did not inspire, and the anal retentive part of me started twitching when one woman used spray glue to hold her fabric in place prior to using the sewing machine. Seriously! That glue will gum up the sewing machine from now to forever! Ahhhh.

The master craft challenge involved two contestants using school supplies to make a play house. While making play houses isn’t my thing right now, I do have a suddenly strong urge to get me some Mod Podge. I don’t know what I might recklessly decoupage, but there’s got to be something around her that needs to be covered with some kind of paper and glue concoction.

Best two words of the show – “Glitter Emergency!”

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