Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love the Smell of Wool

Steve went to a movie tonight, so I stayed home to do as I please. While I watched Dallas and knit, Cici inched her way closer and closer to my yarn.

She loves the smell of wool and couldn’t resist getting her nose right into my ball of yarn while she slept.

I like the smell of wool too.

For those who watch Dallas... I don't get the whole Annie, her ex and the necklace thing. And the pregnancy thing was way too easy. The writers could do better than that. (But it wouldn't be as great and cheesy a show if they did.)


  1. CiCi must have some herding dog in her! My collie on the other hand is apparently descended from Milk Bone bakers as all he does is stalk the cookie jar.

  2. Who doesn't love a good cookie jar!