Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time to get my bead sorting on

I’ve just finished a fun morning which was focused on checking out Michaels. It was exactly as expected – a shiny, new store that offered a better selection of craft items that the other stores I know of on the subway line.

I showed amazing restraint and only spent $12. For that small amount of money I bought some fun turquoise and green beads, for a necklace, and two bead storage boxes. Sadly, I’m way more excited about sorting my beads, than making a new necklace. While we were out, we also snuck in a pedicure, so I have some nice, new, pink polish on my toes.

The boys are out watching Batman, so I’m going to head for the couch and sort this mess into the wonderful new storage boxes. I figure the act of sorting will inspire me to begin a new beading project.

Side note for those in Toronto…  Michaels claims to be located at Yonge and Sheppard. It is not. It is actually located further north, beside Empress Walk. For my fellow subway riders, get off the train at the North York Civic Centre.

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