Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don't Start Beading

My recommendation to my blog readers is to not start beading, or rather don’t start buying beads. If you do slip up and buy beads, you should definitely start beading with them.

I still haven’t made anything with my New Year’s bead purchases, but yesterday I went out and bought these beads.

Now that they are home I’m already waffling on what to make with them. I bought the lovely black beads with the silver cross hatch intending to pair them with these round black beads and silver seed beads.

I’m already changing my mind and thinking of taking the seed beads out of the mix and replacing them with some silver tubes.

The one challenge with beading is that my world is filled with bead enablers. Meredith’s love of beads set the stage for my constant distraction by shiny things in bead stores. Once she cracked the surface Stephanie just chipped away at me until I caved and started buying beads. 

Through Steph, Nora has also influenced my bead purchases and yesterday Nora whisked Steph and I off to BeadFx which is a dream come true for anyone who likes beads. It is a crazy big store with more beads than anyone could imagine. Once in the store you can’t help but buy and buy and buy. Steph bought the most but we all did some damage to our credit cards and walked out with enough beads for multiple projects.

Now it is time for me to get focused on completing a necklace or something out of beads. I was all set to string the brown beads I’ve been showing you lately and then Steph (as enabler) brought down some more brown beads to add to the mix which means it is back to the drawing board to determine the best composition for the final necklace.

So many beads, so little time.

Unknit mitten update

I’m hoping that I can reknit this mitten by Thursday night. I’m really getting bored with this project and would like to get it over and done with before I head into the long weekend (Long Weekend – Yay!)

Here is where it is at after yesterday. I hoping a good round of watching TV will allow me to make some good progress today.

In other thoughts…

Why is it when we give my dog a biscuit she must eat on the carpet instead of the ceramic tile that is much easier to clean? (She just pulled a biscuit out of her food dish and took it to the living room to eat. Sigh)

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