Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Weekend Bead Sorting and Cookies (Mmm)

I made good progress this weekend with about 10cm of sock leg knit. This was mostly due to the enjoyable company of Meredith.

As far as the beads go, the progress on Saturday was limited to putting them into a big pile and admiring them. It is hard to believe that any completed piece of jewellery would be as beautiful as the way the beads look just sitting in a pile.

As I looked at the beads it occurred to me that while many had the standard single hole, there were also many that had two holes. The addition of the second hole would make stringing them with a single hole bead challenging. So, I decided to do some sorting and yesterday and today was spent moving the beads into these two piles.

I’ve come to realize that my favourite beading tools may be the bead mat and bead scoop that my sister sent me. Both tools made the sorting exercise much easier.

Now I have to figure out how to string these beads to bring them together into a beautiful necklace.

Tonight is cookie baking night in our house.

My cookies…

Jacob’s cookies…

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