Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Mittens of 2012 - Arrrggghhhh

Here is what today’s post should say…

Tonight I finished my first pair of mittens for 2012.

The mittens are made of KnitPicksPalette (no shock there) using the Cream, Wallaby and Mai Tai Heather. I love how the colours look together. Mai Tai Heather is one of my favourite Palette colours.

Here they are blocked and waiting to dry.

These mittens will be heading out to the Herbal Magic Yonge-Lawrence craft sale to help raise money for MS Research. If they don’t sell there, they may come back to this blog, looking for a good home. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Here is what today’s post does say…

Tonight I finished my first pair of mittens for 2012.

I happily finished up the thumb, wove in the last of the yarn ends, turned the mitten right side out and admired its beauty.

Then I damped the mittens, pinned them for blocking, and stepped back to admire them once more. And then I said Arrrggghhhh!!!!

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that one wrist has a 1x1 rib…

And the other has a 2x2 rib.

Seriously, I’ve just made two different mittens and I’m seriously annoyed.

Tomorrow when the mittens are dry it will be decision time. Do I rip back one mitten and redo it, or do I buy more yarn and knit another mismatched pair so that in the end I have two matching pairs.

I repeat, Arrrggghhhh!!!!

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