Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Presenting... My First Necklace

This week I finished my first necklace. Sure I’ve made necklaces before but this is the first time I picked out the beads, strung the beads and attached the findings all by myself.

Here is my creation…

Next up is a coordinating bracelet, something I can wear for special occasions.

Unknit mitten update

I’m making great progress on the unknit mitten and will potentially finish it by my needless deadline of tomorrow night. A new Survivor starts tonight which offers the great potential of a new Survivor pool, and hours of TV viewing enjoyment to knit by.

And finally, a little something for Kim


  1. Thank you! Love the necklace, did you make the pendant too? If so, how?

  2. Oh let's not get carried away - I just bought the pendant at Michael's. I'm not that creative.

    I'll take the compliment for my shopping skills though. :)