Saturday, February 4, 2012


This morning we had a friend come over, the type of friend that would appreciate some home-baked hospitality. This was the perfect time to make some Pluckets.

Way back, many years ago, I helped a university friend make these and they were so good that I wrote down the recipe and still have the scrap of paper it was written on. The recipe is basically a lazy way to make cinnamon rolls, without the roll. They are yummy, and given the amount of butter and sugar it is easy to understand why. We don’t make them often because they are so good warm that the entire batch will be gone in moments, but when the right friend comes over they are a perfect recipe to share.

In the pan, before the final rise

After rising, ready for baking

Out of the oven

Ready to eat

The recipe

I love that the recipe ends with “reheat in foil”. That’s funny.


  1. A friend calls this monkey bread and uses Pilsbury rolls instead of making the dough. I have the recipe and have never had enough people to breakfast to dare make it -- there's something about melted butter and cinnamon...

  2. We just need one guest to make us feel justified in the pig out. :)

  3. Yeah, but there are three of you to begin with. ...

  4. Yeah, there's three, but the youngest one is a little freak that doesn't eat much in the way of sweets. I don't know where he came from.