Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dreaming of Winter Woodland Mittens

Even though I have more than enough yarn for mittens, as seen in past posts, it is just cold enough out today that I find myself dreaming of making the Winter Woodland Mittens from KnitPicks.

Winter Woodland is a kit that lets you (as KnitPicks says) knit your way through the seasons. The kit has enough yarn to knit six pairs of mittens to keep you warm from October through March. The scene on each pair of mitts shows of the transitions of winter, starting with falling leaves, then grazing elk, Northern lights, snowflakes, snow birds, and finally a sprouting seed. Each mitten has a different picture on each hand, which creates a larger scene when you hold your hands together. And best of all, the mittens are made from Palette, my favourite yarn.

Sadly, my knitting produces rows that are shorter than average which means I often need to knit more rows than a pattern calls for, to get the right length. So, a pattern such as this with pictures that are made up of a specific number of rows doesn’t work for me.  Sure I could just buy another ball of brown and throw in a few rows of plain brown before the picture starts, but that would still leave me with a short mitten from where the thumb splits off to the tip of my fingers. Or, I could spend more time than I care to modify the pattern to add more rows. Or, I could just make them as they are and curl up my fingers when I wear them. At only $39.99 for six mittens, this kit is oh so tempting.

In search news this week, someone found my blog by searching  “how to dye a dog with kool aid”. I just keep imagining a tye-dyed dog that would look great wearing my kool-aid socks.

Sadly this made me do some Googling of my own and came up with this site with an actual tye-dyed dog.

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