Monday, October 24, 2011

Cici’s Fall Fashion Preview – Part 1

The first of Cici’s new coats was completed on the weekend.  This one is her extra warm play coat, made for stylish romps through the parks with friends. Lined with a quilted lining and a layer of Thinsulate she is sure to be warm on even the coldest winter day.

Cici is thrilled to have a new coat. Sorry for the scary eyes in the picture but she wasn’t in a modelling mood – likely because the coat was too warm, and because her beagle was trying to hog the spotlight.

In other news, it was a sad day for Miss Cici today.  In her cute but clumsy way, she managed to bash into a tree and knock a couple of her teeth out. She spent the afternoon at the vets where she went under general anesthetic so they could fix her up. Now she is at home resting, slightly stoned, and slightly whiney. The poor thing cried loud and long when I put her chew toys in the closet. I'm sure she will be fine in a few days, but she is a mighty sad pup right now.

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