Sunday, October 9, 2011

Introducing... My New Blog


Chances are if you have found this blog it is because I sent you here, therefore I will not prattle on with a long-winded introduction. So let's dive right into to talking about things I make.
While I've been known to dabble in many crafts, and have spent significant hours sewing things, the pastime I undertake the most is knitting. For years I would knit with a purpose, sometimes for myself and sometimes for family or friends. The result is that I often put myself under ridiculous deadlines (especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas!)
A couple of years ago my friend Meredith inspired me (tempted me) with the idea of making mittens. I am easily tempted with new things and Meredith can be a hard to resist (bad) influence. So I bought some yarn and made a pair of mittens... and I loved them. I followed that pair of mittens with a second pair of mittens...and I loved them too. The yarn that hooked me was Jamieson's 100% pure Shetland wool. The colours were amazing and I could buy it from a wonderful online retailer, Camilla Valley Farm. After two pairs of mittens I was on a roll and ready to knit some more. Soon I had dreams of buying one ball of every colour they sold (check their website, there's a lot of colours!) While I perused their website and dreamt of a room filled with every colour of yarn, I stumbled across another online retailer, Knit Picks.
Knit Picks is a wonderful company that really knows how to show off yarn colours. I spent time dreaming of all the colours they displayed on the website and before I knew it I had bought enough yarn to make several more mittens, even several pairs of mittens! Not only does Knit Picks offer a beautiful display of yarn colours on their website, they also produce an old-fashioned print catalogue that has the best display of yarn colours. See...

Some bloggers (and readers) like food porn, but I'm more of a sucker for yarn porn.
So, there I was, Christmas was approaching and I put myself under a ridiculous deadline to make mittens. Here's the result of last fall's knitting frenzy.
The purple and grey mittens in the bottom right corner is the pair that started my dangerous mitten addiction. 
There we have it, my first blog post. I'm not sure if I make enough stuff to sustain a blog over the long-term and I'm not sure if writing a blog will sustain my interest over the long-term, but I am committed to giving it a good try and if I cannot sustain the momentum I promise to bow out gracefully and not leave people hanging, wondering if there will ever be another post.


  1. Thanks for not mentioning that I never have finished that first pair of mittens. Sigh. Mitten envy is strong!

  2. Your mittens live on through me!

  3. What fabulous mittens! How intricate!
    Good luck with the fake fur, I've been thinking about getting some to use for some project or other and now I won't. :)
    BTW, my favourite in-front-of TV crafts are crocheting (I know the afghan stitch) and cross stitch. I've come to the point where I really can't concentrate on either if the TV's not on.