Thursday, October 27, 2011

Southwest Socks

Sold - Mesa Socks
As I was carefully picking out the yarn for the Southwest Mittens I mentioned recently, I was less careful in selecting the quantity. When my lovely box of yarn arrived in the mail there was twice as much yarn as I had expected. So, after having just knit four mittens with the same yarn, I needed to come up with another way to use the lovely Mesa coloured yarn.

The result was a pair of socks where the full spectrum of the yarn was plain to see. I like these socks, but a girl can only wear so many pairs of hand knit socks, so they are being added to the for sale pile.

In other news, Cici is back to her normal self. She still isn’t allowed to play at full force (since playing usually means finding a good stick to use in a tug-of-war) but anyone that looks at her would never know she was injured. She also loves the fact that the boring hard kibble has been replaced with a lovely canned food diet. (Going back to kibble next week may result in some tears.)


  1. I love your socks!!!!! They are the best!!! Comfy and warm :)

  2. Glad to hear Ceci's doing better, poor little puppy.
    I have a question -- well, two actually. One -- do you knit exclusively in wool? And two, do you ever sew anything onto the bottom of your socks to make them slippers, or would you? I hate slippers, but also am not a fan of going around in sock feet (slippery, socks get dirty too quickly) but if I had something to match the softness and warmth of a non-wool handmade sock with the nono-slip qualities of slippers, I'd be willing to buy a pair of those. Plus your socks are gorgeous. :)

  3. Most of my socks are a wool, nylon combination. I like knitting with real wool, and only use synthetic fibres for baby garments that need to stand up to a lot of washing.

    I appreciate your sock vs. slipper dilema, but I've never sewn anything onto the bottom of the socks. I also dislike slippers, but since I live in an oven slippers are not really required.

    I'm not sure what could be sewn on the bottom of the socks, but I'm guessing you could find something at a fabric store (and I use the word "you" because the idea of hand-sewing a sole on the bottom of some socks doesn't sound like fun to me). :) I also worry that the stiffer sole fabric might detract from the lovely softness of a sock.

    I'm thinking your specific wish list combined with my desire to only knit what appeals to me, might not make us the best match.

    Let's talk about cookies instead!

  4. One of the last things my grandmother knitted for me was a pair of socks -- using a really (far too) heavy yarn that I'd brought her. The result is socks that are far too big that I wear as slippers (used to be just in the shoulder seasons between heat coming on and going off) and I love them because frankly I hate slippers and hate going around the house in my sock feet too -- barefoot is my happy space. These socks work because they don't cling, but I'm afraid to go up and down stairs with them on. Ah well. I'll think of something. You make really nice socks and I would definitely trade you cookies for them. But I find wool itchy.