Sunday, October 23, 2011

Southwest Desert Inspired Mittens

Earlier in the year I bought some Knit Picks Chroma Yarn in the Mesa colour. This is a beautiful shade that Knit Picks describes as “inspired by the scenic backdrop of the Painted Desert, Mesa illustrates this landscape with a combination of soft red and coral which moves into a sandy taupe. Also present are stripes of turquoise and sky blue that are highlighted with small sections of warm beige.”


I love the colours in the yarn but when I knit up a pair of mittens I found one mitten was predominantly red while the other had barely any red at all. The obsessive compulsive side of me was a bit rattled by this unevenness (and lack of matchy, matchy), so I felt compelled to knit another pair with the exact same pattern and see how the colours played out.

Sold - Mesa Mittens

In the end I love all four of the mittens and cannot decide which two I like the best.

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