Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Monday. While for some this is a day to give thanks and for others it is all about the turkey, for me it is all about having a whole day free to do whatever I want.

We decided that this year we will have a lazy turkey dinner, so we are having a turkey breast (no carcass to clean up!), pre-made stuffing (not as good as home-made, but better than Stove Top), fresh vegetables (healthy and no prep time), and instead of mashed potatoes we are having french fries (no peeling potatoes!). So this means the entire meal only involves heating things up and I’ve got more time to do other things.

On today’s craft agenda, I’m preparing to make a couple of winter coats for Cici. Since I am a good mother and I do not make my son wear home-made clothes, poor Cici becomes the recipient of all my home-made clothing urges.

This winter she will be sporting tie-dye fleece…

And, she will be wearing some fabulous fake fur!

I’ve never made anything with fake fur. When I bought the fabric (at a great sale!) it didn’t occur to me what challenges lay ahead. Fake fur sheds! When I took the fabric out of the bag to show Jacob, he was instantly covered in fake fur bits. Not fun to clean up. My solution to managing this problem during the fabric cutting stage was to cut out the fabric outside to help limit the amount of fluff in our apartment. Note to self – do not ever buy fake fur again!

For tonight’s TV viewing accompaniment, I’m working on a mitten that I cast on yesterday.


  1. ok - trying again to leave a comment - I loved the mittens you made and wondered who you gave them all to. I'm not asking because I'm jealous I didn't get a pair since I have a wonderful pair of gloves that Layne bought me and I wear them all the time. But I DO think that you did a great job with the mittens. Looking forward now to seeing pics of Cici in her new wardrobe!

  2. Oh - and Happy Thanksgiving 2u2!
    I don't know what we are having for dinner - Layne just pulled into the driveway - he's been golfing - we'll probably order a pizza or something. :)

  3. The mittens went to some friends last year at Christmas.

    I'm pretty sure Cici is also looking forward to a new wardrobe!

  4. Correction - Layne actually brought home Swanson Turkey TV dinners. I burst out laughing. Not sure if that was the reaction he was looking for - hope I didn't hurt his feelings. *sigh* oh well - Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Turkey TV dinners are the best!

  6. Though not a traditional thanksgiving dinner. This was a very good meal and I was very thankful for the fabric work being done on the balcony.