Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dabbling with Beading

I have a couple of friends that do amazing things with beads. For years I have been fascinated at Meredith’s talents with beads, and most recently Stephanie has been a regular source of inspiration and temptation as I accompany her on bead buying missions. There are so many stores that have so many pretty beads for purchase. I love going bead shopping with Steph as it allows me to pretend I’m buying beads too. So far, I’ve been able to resist diving head first into buying many, many beads.

To maximize the benefits of beading and knitting, Steph and I traded wares recently. I made her a pair of socks, from Knit Picks’ Stroll Multi Yarn, in a great colour called “cupcake”. This picture doesn’t do the wonderful browns and pinks justice. It is a great colour, in a great yarn.

In return, Steph made me this fantastic necklace with some wonderful blue and white beads. In particular I love the heart shaped beads and the blue beads with thin veins of black running through them.

Thanks Steph!

In other news... I'm making good progress on the project I cast on the other day.


  1. Hi Steph here. I'd like to point out that Janets first line of defense against the addiction that is beading is to make me buy them on her behalf. She's my "pusher" so to speak ;)

  2. You want another pair of socks? Get out there and buy some more beads.