Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Long week with a cold

I haven't posted much this week, because I have a cold that has turned me into a whiny suck that doesn’t want to do anything (other than knit in front of the TV.)

I haven't finished much because I’m trying to work on all projects at the same time. In order to keep up with blogging I offer you the following (yet another) wreath picture.

Why is it that my camera (and photography skills) that are not capable of capturing the beauty of yarn, can so fully capture every flaw in the finish of my table?

In TV news... Survivor Finale week begins tonight and all participating residents of the Americana are still in contention. Yeah! 

To make before Christmas list:

· Finish secret sewing project (still about 2 hours of work to go, but hoping to finish up on Saturday, while drinking wine and cheese with a friend)

· Secret knitting project (just barely begun have knit 4.5”  8” which is a good start about one third done, but there is much more to go)

· More wreaths (6.5  5.5 4.5 more, or scale back the recipient list)

· Bake cookies (3 recipes are on my consideration list, though looking less and less likely every day)

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