Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Only 4 Days To Go!

I love this time of year but I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by right now. How is it possible that Christmas is just four days away, and only 3 days if you are counting to Christmas Eve (which I am!)?

Christmas List progress continues, the shopping is going well but the bank account may be suffering. Unlike my usual daily attention to my finances, I have chosen to not look at my bank account in the past couple of weeks.

To make before Christmas list:

· Secret knitting project (just barely begun have knit 4.5”  8”  which is a good start about one third half done, but there is much more to go  this one is starting to look like it might be a bit of an IOU)
· More wreaths (6.5  5.5 3.5 2.5 more, or scale back because  we keep increasing the recipient list)
· Bake cookies (3  2 recipes are on my consideration list, though looking less and less likely every day – still have high hopes for baking)

I leave you with photos of some of my latest wreaths…

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