Sunday, December 18, 2011

Making progress on the Christmas To Do List

The time leading up to Christmas continues to fly by. Can’t believe it is only 7 more sleeps.

The news of the day is that I’ve completed the secret sewing project – Yay! I still can’t believe I was able to get it all done, on the sly, before Christmas.

I was going to post more wreath pictures today, but we will save that for tomorrow when I have more time to prepare the pictures.

To make before Christmas list:

· Finish secret sewing project (Done! Thanks to the help of Steph and Meredith, both of whom hosted me in their homes and gave me wine to keep me going on the project)

· Secret knitting project (just barely begun have knit 4.5”  8” which is a good start about one third half done, but there is much more to go)

· More wreaths (6.5  5.5 3.5 more, or scale back because  we keep increasing the recipient list)

· Bake cookies (3  2 recipes are on my consideration list, though looking less and less likely every day)

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