Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Sweater

I don’t knit many adult sweaters, since I’m not a huge fan of the sewing things together stage, but I do like making baby sweaters. There is something oh so satisfying about how fast they knit up, how (usually) happy the mom-to-be is to receive them, and most importantly, it is nice to know that the person who wears them looks cute, no matter what you knit.

I’m always happy when a co-worker is pregnant because it is a great excuse to knit up a baby sweater. So, just after I joined my latest company I was thrilled when one of my teammates announced she was pregnant. Yay, I get to knit a baby sweater.

Off I went to Mary Maxim, and bought my favourite baby sweater yarn – Sirdar Snuggly DK. I love this yarn. It is soft and comes in some great colours. They have a beautiful soft beige with flecks of pink and yellow that is my favourite, but this time I chose one with shades of beige and browns. Since I don’t know if this will be a boy or a girl baby, the Aran tones will look good no matter what.

I love how this sweater turned out and like the nice deep collar on the back.

I spent my afternoon continuing to work on the secret Christmas project. Only a few hours to go and I will be done.

For tonight’s TV viewing accompaniment, I might get to work on some mittens, but most likely I will be distracted by some shiny beads. I’ve definitely got a wreath making problem. I will show you photo evidence of the abundance of wreaths later in the week.