Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beaded Ornament

On the weekend, Stephanie carelessly threw out the word “crafts”, which in the current Steph vernacular translates to “beading”. Since the stores are now assaulting us with Christmas ornaments at every turn, my mind immediately connected beading and ornaments, and I became instantly obsessed with making a beaded Christmas ornament. I waited impatiently while my husband finished up on the computer and within seconds of his abandoning the desk, I was Googling beaded ornaments.

I found a few patterns for glass balls covered in beaded netting that were tempting, but a bit intimidating. A few years ago my sister made me this gorgeous beaded ornament and I remembered her saying how much work went into it.

Gorgeous beaded ornament, hand-made by my talented sister

I knew I needed more instant gratification, so my attention was caught by some instructions for a beaded wreath. As mentioned back on October 12, up until now I’ve done well with avoiding the pitfalls of buying beads but when I saw the beaded wreath idea all caution went out the window and within moments Steph and I were on our way to Mary Maxim.

In a strange turn of events, Steph bought nothing and I bought an assortment of beads and findings. After two evenings of work I completed this little beaded wreath.

I quite like it, have already made another bead purchase, and will no doubt be purchasing more beads in the weeks between now and Christmas.

The instructions to make this ornament are found at the Beading with Eden website.


  1. wow I'm so touched that you put up a picture of the beaded ornament thingy I made for you! Thanks - I'm honoured!! The wreath you made is quite lovely. I like it very much! Good job!

  2. I love that beaded ornament thingy. It is much prettier in real life, than this picture indicates.

  3. I can't ask you to make one for me since I am trying (really) to downsize and I need to get rid of 'stuff'. Incidently, somone bought all of my Snowbabies at the Gala last week!!

  4. I forgot to say, your Wreath is beautuful!!!