Sunday, November 20, 2011

Queen Anne Socks

I haven’t accomplished much worthy of a blog this weekend. I’ve put myself on a beading moratorium until I finish the socks that are currently on my needles. I have made some progress on the socks but I’ve been distracted by other activities, such as watching Breaking Dawn. For Taylor Lautner fans, you only have to wait about 2.5 seconds for him to tear off his shirt. The rest of the movie progresses as expected with lots of over-the-top, passionate drama along the way.

To have something worthy of blog show and tell, I’ve decided to go back a few months and show you these socks.

Socks sold to a good friend before Christmas.

The socks were knit from Knit PicksStroll Tonal in the Queen Anne colour. It is a great yarn which I will definitely be knitting with again. (I just checked my stash and I’ve got some more Stroll tucked away, so the socks may begin sooner than I thought.)

The pattern is the Undulating Rib Socks from Interweave’s  Favorite Socks,25 Timeless Designs.

Now back to the socks on the needle. It is my goal to be able to show them to you sometime this week.

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