Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What to make next?

The moratorium on beading and other projects continues until I finish the socks that I am currently working on. The good news is that I could possibly finish the socks tonight, which means I am well within the planning window for my next project.

The thing that comes to mind first is to knit another pair of mittens. The challenge is that I have a bunch of KnitPicks Palette yarn waiting for me, but none of the colours are screaming “knit me”. I do have some gorgeous sock yarn that does beg to be held and knit up, but I don’t want to jump into another pair of socks right now. I tried to take a picture of the sock yarn but the camera refused to capture the true beauty of the colours, so we need to wait for a sunny day to photograph the yarn in natural light.

So, what yarn should I use to make my next pair of mittens?

I’ve got plenty of colours to choose from…

This ball of light blue Pool coloured Palette keeps getting passed over. I loved the colour when I bought it, but when it arrived in the mail I didn’t like it next to any other colours. I could pair it with some white yarn…

Or add in a splash of navy…

Or I could use these Wallaby and Mai Tai Heather colours, mixed with some white or cream…

(apologies for the blurry photo, but my camera battery isn't cooperating tonight)

I love the Pennyroyal colour – not quite light purple, not quite grey. Although I like this more than Pool, I’m not sure what to pair it with. I could go with some Navy and Cosmpolitan…

I tried putting the Pool and Pennyroyal together and it didn’t do anything to make me want to knit them next.

I also have some leftover Chroma in the brown and cream colours. While not inspiring on the table, I know mittens made with these colours will be very nice.

And then there is the distraction of all the beads that my sister sent me in the mail…

I’m still fascinated by making beaded wreath ornaments, so these specific beads have caught my attention right now.

So, plenty of ideas to choose from. I’m leaning towards making mittens in the Wallaby and Mai Tai Heather colours, or the Pennyroyal with the Navy and Cosmopolitan. (And I may get distracted by the shiny beads.)


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