Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vacation - Day 2

Once again, today was spent sewing. I’m making good progress on the secret Christmas project, but my vacation is turning out to be as stressful as work (well not really, but not as relaxing as it should be.) I spent all day cutting and sewing fabric.

Cici spent her afternoon sleeping and glaring at me for making too much sewing noise.


  1. Nice pics! Poor dog - she looks so bored. I mailed you the package of beads today, hopefully you will get them soon. I sent you everything I have since I couldn't decide what to send and what not to send. I figured you'd be ok with that. I included my beading needles - a beading cloth (you can spread beads on this and when you pick the beads up with a needle, the needle won't snag on the cloth the way it would if you used a piece of felt) - and a metal triangle. The triangle is for scooping up beads - from the bead cloth - and putting them back in whatever container or bag you store them in. It's handy. You'll notice some stacking containers with beads...open each container because I put extra stuff in each container as they weren't full and to keep them from rattling around - and also to take advantage of the space. Hope you can use most of the beads - you don't need to return what you don't use.
    Have fun!!

  2. Thanks! Sounds like you have sent a lot.

    I will use or share whatever you send. :)