Monday, November 7, 2011

Purple Socks

My husband’s aunt passed away a couple of years ago and we often miss her. She was good fun and she loved my socks. It was always a given that I would give her a pair of socks for Christmas, and she in turn gave me yarn. She didn’t know much about knitting socks or buying yarn, so she would just go into her local yarn store and ask for yarn that was good for socks. It was always fun to see what she would come up with.

Her last gift to me was some purple yarn that knit up into a beautiful pair of socks. I’m not sure what the yarn was as it came without a label, but I like it. The pattern is very stretchy, so these socks will be comfy for almost anyone who wears them.

The pattern came from a great book from Interweave – Favorite Socks, 25 Timeless Designs. Interweave publishes some wonderful things, and I love their knitting magazine. They often feature socks, and this book is a collection of some of their great sock patterns - definitely deserving the title “Favorite Socks”.

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