Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Corrugated Ribbing and Mail Makes Me Happy

I’m not fond of plain ribbing on my mittens. I usually knit a patterned cuff or sometimes (like now) I do corrugated ribbing. There isn’t much to corrugated ribbing – you simply knit two stitches in one colour and purl two in the other. Easy, peasy.

It is not as stretchy as regular ribbing but I do like the neat, orderly columns of colour that result. It doesn’t apply to all areas of my life, but there are many places (such as my knitting) where I can become overly obsessed with neat, orderly perfection. This ribbing plays beautifully to that obsession.

The big excitement for me today was that Catherine from California sent me these minis. Each of these skeins weighs only 5 grams but they will add a lovely splash of colour to my Leftover Blanket. (Why, oh why did I tell myself I couldn’t work on the blanket until I had finished a pair of mittens!!!)

Here is my pile of minis…

This may be my favourite…

Or this…

This one has my favourite name – “The Homecoming Queen Has Got a Gun” J

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