Friday, April 6, 2012

What's Your TV Guilty Pleasure?

As I said in my profile, I love to watch TV. I’ll watch anything on TV – Daytime soaps, nighttime soaps, reality TV, good movies, bad movies, talk shows, documentaries, even racing and UFC if it’s on. Some TV I love and some is just an excuse to sit on the couch and knit.

Today I’m wondering, what is everyone’s guilty TV pleasure? I don’t mean things like “I’m addicted to the news” or “I must watch some morning TV show before going to work”. I mean, what is the big piece of crap that shouldn’t have even been an idea, let alone actually made into a TV show. What is that show that is so bad you actually lose brain cells just by selecting it from your TV guide?

For me it is an easy choice. I love the Real Housewives franchise. I think I’ve watched them all (except Miami because I’m trying to show some restraint). I only sporadically watch Orange County, New Jersey and Atlanta, but I think I’ve seen all of New York and Beverley Hills. I even watched all of the Washington series (and that one was reeaaallly bad.) 

This week I was excited to see the premiere of Real Housewives of Vancouver. What fun to bring my guilty pleasure to my home country. And, they were going to be in Whistler – I’ve been there! I excitedly sat down to watch two full hours of crap – and it was as bad as could be expected. My Real Housewives focus group (you know who you are) and I had to agree that RHOV was bad. Sadly, us Canadians come off as boring. The selection of housewives is unremarkable. Although one does live in a spectacular water front home, and another drives some amazing cars, for the most part they are dull. Why can’t Canadians deliver better TV?

In case you are wondering, the boring factor doesn’t matter; I will still watch every episode of the Vancouver series.

I’m very excited for tonight when I get to watch Selling Spelling Manor. I just can’t wait to see the gift wrapping room!

Now I’m off to enjoy a good Friday. I’ve got some mittens on my knitting needles and after we feast on some pancakes I’ll be on the couch catching up on Young and the Restless, Survivor, Big Bang and Grey’s Anatomy. Bring on the remote.

So come on, tell me what is your guilty TV pleasure.

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