Monday, April 16, 2012

The Dangers of Ravelry

One of the places I like to hang out on the internet is Ravelry is a slippery slope for me. Sure I can just poke around like I do now, but I could also dive in head first and spend all my time there.

I love knitting, I like to knit with other people and I like to talk about knitting, but I don’t like to talk about knitting non-stop. I’ve dabbled in social knitting groups but have found that at times they can be a bit much in terms of knitting talk. As I said I like to talk about knitting, just not all the time, non-stop.

Ravelry is the online equivalent of talking about knitting non-stop. There are endless sources of information, corners to poke around in and friends to be made. I’ve already made some new friends and found some cross over friends from other places I frequent such as parenting or Disney sites. I’ve found these new friends to be very inspirational and have used their ideas and suggestions in my knitting. I’ve joined groups such as the Blankiemania group and the Mini Mall group, both of which are dedicated to knitters that knit things from fingering weight yarn scraps. But where does all this stop before it becomes dangerous?

The first Ravelry danger for me is how to I dip my toes in and make some friends or learn new things without diving in head first and becoming the crazy knitting lady that wears clothing made of my pet hair.

The second Ravelry danger for me is the yarn offerings. There are so many beautiful images of yarn that I could use and more dangerous, so many opportunities to buy yarn from other people. I’m trying not to buy anything right now since the Knitter’s Frolic is just 12 days away, but on Saturday morning I couldn’t resist.

Christine from New Hampshire posted these pictures and I fell in love. She is offering up some Kool-aid dyed yarn (using KnitPicks Bare Stroll Fingering Sock Yarn!) and she is selling sampler packs of 12 different mini-balls of Kool-aid yarn. Look at how beautiful this is!!

I couldn’t resist. I had to have this, so I sent a message to Christine and now, as you read this, she is custom dyeing Kool-aid yarn for me! I’m so excited that I will get to work this into my Leftover Blanket.

Speaking of the Leftover Blanket, here is my progress to date. The splash of Kool-aid colour will be great. (I haven’t started my second April mitten yet, but I figure I might get to that later tonight.)

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  1. Hello Janet!
    I'm going to try this for an unfinished project that has languished since 2008. These colors look so awesome! Thanks for posting.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets lost on Ravelry!