Monday, April 9, 2012

Ongoing Deals with Myself

As mentioned on April 2, I made a deal with myself that I could only work on the Leftover Blanket after I finished at least one other project each month. The project for April is a pair of mittens.

I diligently packed the Leftover Blanket away and started on a pair of mittens. Last night I finished the first mitten – not bad, that means it only took me 7 days, so by the end of next weekend I will be able to return to working on the Leftover Blanket.

Just before finishing the mitten it occurred to me that I will need a knitting project to work on next week that is more portable than the Leftover Blanket. This means that I only have one week to finish the second mitten and pick out the yarn and pattern for my next pair of mittens or socks. Then I had a good idea… I could simply revise the deal I made with myself and work on the Leftover Blanket this week and finish the second mitten from my current project, next week. It is a win, win. I get to happily knit little squares this week and I have a portable mitten to work on next week. It is a brilliant idea. As I sat back and pondered my brilliance I realized it is quite sad that I feel I must make these deals with myself. I’m the one setting the rules, so I should be able to break the rules guilt free. (And given the fact that it is mid-April, I think the world will survive if the mittens aren’t ready to be worn by someone this week.)

Part of the problem is that I store the Leftover Blanket and yarn in these beautiful hat boxes. They sit there just begging to be opened.

In other news...

We bought Cici a new ball chucking toy on the weekend. She LOVES playing fetch. Here is the result of a round of play on Saturday – she can’t stop panting and has grass stained paws.

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