Saturday, April 14, 2012

Somebody Have a Baby

So, it is Saturday morning and my plan is to get my cleaning and laundry done so the rest of the weekend lies freely ahead. There is one problem with this plan – the invention of the internet. I’ve just lost 90 minutes of my Saturday morning to wandering around the web. I’ve checked out pictures from some friends’ travels (and now I want to eat a Dorito taco under a palm tree), I’ve checked out plans for another friend’s travels (and now I want to go down a water slide at Atlantis), I’ve perused the Flickr site of someone I don’t know (but she is an amazing quilter and knitter), I’ve come close to buying more yarn (excited about this, I’ll let you know when I buy it), and I’ve discovered a pattern I would like to knit.

I just saw this gorgeous baby blanket on Knitty. OpArt by Melissa Dominguez is a great pattern. It looks fun to knit, beautiful enough to have in one’s home, and enjoyable for the baby to look at. You can find the pattern at

Come on friends and family – someone have a baby, so I have a reason to make this blanket.

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