Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fern Turtles (just because)

I don’t have much to blog about this week. I’ve been spending my days out of the office, at the courthouse for jury selection. Jury selection is either exhaustingly dull, as you wait, and wait, and continue to wait; or it is exhaustingly stressful as you sit through some pretty serious situations, within inches of accused criminals, wondering if your name will be picked for the jury. Either way, it can suck the creativity out of you. I take the jury process seriously and so I cannot regale you with all the interesting stories from my week, but I can tell you I’ve seen the inside of a few different courtrooms this week, and the justice system is interesting.

What is not interesting is the progress I have to demonstrate on my blog. I’m in the bad spot of having one beading, and three knitting projects on the go simultaneously. This means that none of the projects are nearing completion, and so none of the projects are worthy for some blog show and tell.

As I sat through some waiting today, I pondered what I could post about. I thought about telling you all about Fern, but now that summer is over, that seems like old news. So, after some (likely too brief) thought, I decided to share some pictures of turtles from Fern. Fern Resort has a resident turtle that lives under the boat dock and makes a brief appearance just often enough to get everyone talking. It is a big turtle (about 50 cm in diameter) and I’ve personally spotted it twice – once a few years back, and once just moments after our arrival this summer. The result of the brief glimpse of the turtle is that now I must walk slowly along the boat dock at every opportunity to see the turtle again.

I didn’t see the big turtle again on our last trip, but for the first time, I did get to see many other smaller turtles. I love seeing them sun themselves on a lily pad, or rock, and found it fascinating to see how they watched us approached and decided when they needed to retreat back into the water to hide.

I’ve never noticed these turtles on past trips. My theory is that in past years the turtles have lived mainly in the forest, where there is some nice swampland. 2012 saw a very dry summer and so the swamp shown below, in a 2011 photo, was completely dried up this year. I’m guessing that the turtles that would normally make their homes in this swamp had to move on and get themselves over to the lake this year, increasing the number of lake turtles for us to spot.

Next year, I’d love to get close enough to get a picture of the mink that we’ve seen quick glimpses of in the past.

Bonus Fern photo

The moon at Fern was spectacular this year. Here is a shot of the moon taken from our deck one evening.



    Ummm.... Snaper Soup!

  2. No turtles were harmed in the making of this blog post.