Thursday, September 27, 2012

With a Great Orchid, Comes Great Responsibility

Some good friends gave me a beautiful orchid this week. I love it! I’ve always wanted an orchid but am intimidated by any plant that looks this impressive.

Plants involve care, often longer-term care than my attention span allows. I must remember to water the plant (but not too often.) I must attempt to provide the right amount of sunlight. In this case, I need to carefully decide where to keep the orchid. It will be perfect in my dining room which on the plus side offers the right amount of sun, but on the negative side it is in the wind zone (yes, our apartment has a wind zone.) I’d cry if the orchid fell over on a particularly blustery day. The alternative is the sewing area, which on the plus side is nicely sheltered, but on the negative side, there isn’t as much sun there. Much thought will be given to choosing the location.

The care card claims that the flowers can bloom perfectly for up to three months, and can bloom as often as twice a year. As I writer, I appreciate their carefully chosen words. I like the fact that for success all I have to do is keep it alive for “up to” three months.

I am ready to care for this orchid and see it through a long life.

P.S. Those that gave me this gift should not go back through my blog and read about the pea plants I attempted to raise this year.



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  1. Enjoy those beautiful flowers while they last. It was a lovely gift for sure.