Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yarn Mail

I love getting yarn in the mail! It is just such fun to walk in the door from work and see a new bag of yarn sitting on the table waiting for me to discover it.

Yesterday, I received my mini-skeins from Lydia at White Iris Yarns. The colours are so lovely!

Tonight, I rushed home from work and wound the skeins into little yarn cakes, all ready to get worked into the Leftover Blanket.

If you didn’t read last week’s post about Lydia’s inspiration for these yarns, be sure to go check it out now. She put some wonderful thought into these colours.  (Beautiful Inspiration post from September 9)

Can’t wait to see how they knit up.


  1. Yarn cakes? Are they like those trendy cupcakes with a rich creamy filling in the center? You see, THIS is what it is going to take to get that "leftover" blanket finished. Of course you are going to become addicted to this marvelous yarn so the first part of the blanket will be all left over-ish and the next half will be trendy, super cool yarns like the ones above. Then, when using the blanket, your head and your feet will have arguments over which body part gets the trendy half. I see nothing but trouble for the left over blanket. Years of psychoanalysis and questions by the left over blanket asking why, why, WHY didn't she intersperse the trendy yarn with the left over yarn to make it more equal for the head AND the feet....

  2. Sadly, although you jest, you totally nailed it. (And now I want a cupcake.)

  3. Well, like a cool, deliciously filled cupcake, perhaps the center can be filled with magically delicious yarn and the ends can be "left over"....