Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let There Be Light! (My Newest Toy)

My “sewing room” in our apartment doesn’t have the best lighting. That combined with my less-than-young eyes, has had me lusting after an OttLite for the past while. OttLite lamps are designed to illuminate an area with light that is similar to natural sunlight. The idea is brighter light, with less glare, in a more efficient format. I don’t really get how it works; I just know things are much easier to see under an OttLite.

Well this past weekend, all my dreams came true. (Or at least, one of my dreams came true.) Thanks to a 40% off sale at The Tire, I was able to purchase this beauty.

I love it and it is definitely the brightest light in our apartment (and it is mine, all mine.) I haven’t taken it for a serious test drive yet, but I do have some beads cued up and ready to go. 

Let the days get shorter, because I’m equipped to handle the darkness.


  1. I'm coming over and stealing that lamp. I'm also bringing bacon so the dog will let me in the apartment.

  2. The dog won't be a problem. She'll do anything for a simple pat on the head. Bring the bacon anyway - you can use it to barter. Who wouldn't be willing to trade the lamp for some bacon?

  3. Now are we talkin "Canadian" Bacon or the REAL Bacon, you know the one the Brits call the stripey kind???

  4. It depends if there are eggs benedict being served with the bacon.