Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hot Off the Press - New Mitten Pattern

This weekend I lack focus, but I’m still getting things done. I’ve knit a bit on my Leftover Blanket, I’ve strung a few beads, I’ve started mulling over a future project, but most successfully, I’ve designed a new mitten pattern that I’d like to knit up in September.

Creating the design involved sitting at the computer and colouring in a mitten graph, square by square. (I’ve become an expert at using the “Format Painter” function.) The design stage has been a bit labour intensive, but I think I’m going to like this pattern. I’m excited that the cuff will use 3 colours, but only 2 colours in any single row. (It’s the little things that make me happy!)

The different designs that I’ve cobbled together for this pattern, are inspired by the graphs in the book “LatvianMittens” by Lizbeth Upitis. The chosen motifs are based on designs that originated in the Kurzeme district on the seacoast of Latvia. According to Upitis, Kurzeme mittens traditionally have a scalloped cuff, unique to this district. I contemplated incorporating the scalloped cuff, but eventually I gave in and realized I much prefer to start my mittens with a two-colour braid, so that won out and the scalloped cuff will need to wait for a future design.

One of tomorrow’s tasks will be to root through my stash and see what colours will be chosen for this design.

In other news…

I’m very excited to be on the verge of a new TV season. After spending the past months watching endless home improvement and reality TV shows, I’m excited to get back to some old-fashioned comedy and drama shows. This week I’m looking forward to the return of Parenthood and Glee, as well as checking out new shows like Go On and Breaking Amish. By the time mid-October comes, and all the new shows are back, the PVR will be well used and well loved.


  1. Thees iz Vice Comandant Agnea speeking to yu from da republic of Latvia. Forgave my englesh it iz nut gud. If yu are tu make de Latvian Mittons yu must use de frilly cuffs, otterwise dey are nut Lativian muttons.

    thankew dat iz ull.

    Vice Commendant Agnea, cheif of Latvian mintons.

  2. Hello Agnea,

    Thank you for your interest in my blog. I have considered your opinion, and in response to your command that I must use a "frilly" cuff, I have decided that I don't wanna.


    P.S. The correct word is "scalloped" not "frilly". When you get your English right, I'll get my Latvian mittens right.

  3. Thees iz Vice Comandant Agnea speeking to yu from da republic of Latvia AGAIN! OKay, so I mid a misteak. Don't git so huffy! Itz only a frill. Knit whut ever de hel yu like. When yu com to LATVIA we will lauf yu out of de contry with yur frilless muttons. PBBBTTTTTT!

    Vice Commendant Agnea, cheif of Latvian mintons.
    PS. PBBBTTTTTT! is de LATVIAN way of sayin yur mintons stinck