Monday, September 24, 2012

I Love a Prize

I’m a sucker for a free gift, or a prize. I love Clinique bonus time, and I showed great restraint by walking through The Bay today and not succumbing to the temptation to purchase some cosmetics, just to get the “free” gift.

I’ve been attempting to finish a pair of mittens by the end of the month, to meet my usual false deadline. As I was perusing Ravelry, I discovered a challenge to knit a pair of mittens by the end of September and be eligible to win a prize. I don’t know what the prize is, but I want to win it. The prize is generously donated by Tullymongan designs. To meet this deadline, I need to knit an entire mitten that I just cast on last night. Thankfully, the first mitten is already complete, and the TV watching is good tonight. (I’m excited to have 2 Broke Girls back!)

Here is a sneak peek at the mittens in progress.


  1. I'll bet when you were a child you used to be the first one to get to the bottom of the cereal box to get the prize.... before all the cereal was eaten.

  2. I was the youngest child. I only got to the bottom of the cereal box after the other two had sifted for the prize and determined they didn't want it (aka never).

  3. But I still remember when Shreddies came with the coolest Herbie the Love Bug toy. Did you Americans get to eat Shreddies?